Phaedrus goes from mapping real-estate opportunities and potential RevPar, running its furniture warehouse, direct listing of properties and/or on OTAs, pricing automation, to housekeeping and maintenance. In that way Phaedrus Living generate cash-flows while increasing value of the real estate assets and makes individual and/or asset portfolio more liquid.

  • Higher Yields & steady Cash-flows
  • No maintenance Hassle
  • Property Value Increase
  • Multiple Properties Served at Once
  • In-house Product Design Team (interior design and furnishing team) creating beautifully furnished properties.


Benefits of trusting your property with Phaedrus Living

Earn more

Income and annual yield return


Screened guests for business or leisure travel

No maintenance

We handle all maintenance and care of your property


Quick and easy contract for short or long term lease


Submit your interest


Property details:

Fit Out & Renovation Services

A transformation of your space from our inhouse design experts

Our team of interior design experts, architects and project managers takes care of all stages of onboarding, renovation and interior design of the unit ensuring hands off management offered by a credentialed partner allowing property owners to increase asset’s value without the regular renovation and maintenance hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I trust my property to Phaedrus Living?
Simple and practical. We run everything for you. We ensure to be the prefect tenant, maximize the yield and cashflow of your rental payments. We are here to raise the value of your property investment.
  • • We are different because we care.
  • • We not only manage your property, we rent it from you in the long run and ensure you receive payment throughout the duration of our agreement.
  • • We work with large multinational companies and host their business professionals for at least one month with an average period of nine months.
  • • We offer you full property management and maintenance services without charging any extra fees
  • • Our contracts are flexible to suit your needs. We give you the option to take your property back at any time within a short notice period without complications.
2. Who will stay in my property?
Phaedrus Living offers accommodation services to more than private individuals and multinational companies around the world. The guest living in your property can be a private individual and/ or a corporate who needs a short-term, medium and/or long-term accommodation.
3. What happens when there is no tenants in my property?
Our main responsibility is to keep your apartment under rent. You do not need to worry or be concerned as we ensure your space is occupied all the time. Even if there is no physical tenants, Phaedrus living guarantees your rent payment as long as our partnership stands on agreement.
4. Should my apartment be furnished for Phaedrus Living to rent it?
In most cases we prefer to take unfurnished properties and furnish them. With that said, we do examine each property on a case-by-case basis. If your property is furnished, we will need to review the furniture and discuss the available options.
5. What happens if a guest damages my property?
In the rare event of a recorded damage in the property, Phaedrus Living is responsible to the owner for any potential damages. We are also responsible for all maintenance issues and ensure every property stays at excellent condition at all times.
6. How Long will Phaedrus Living rent my property for?
Our minimum contract is for a duration of 12 months. When you build your trust in us, our aim is to run and hold your space for up to 3 years, given that in the long run we sustain a happy and prosperous partnership with our property owners.