Phaedrus Living is leading proptech residential rental platform with a vision to redefine the future of accommodation. Our properties are designed to provide stress-free stays by offering seamless and personalised high-end experiences. Our proprietary technology empowers efficiency across real estate supply growth, interior design, pricing, bookings, guest service, and property management. Phaedrus Living is growing rapidly across major cities in Europe with presence in Greece, Cyprus, UK, and Italy.


We aim to increase value and returns of residential assets by improving living spaces through modern and energy efficient design while accelerating hospitality standards through personalized guest services and digital innovation.


Phaedrus Living generate cashflows while increasing value of the real estate assets and makes individual and/or asset portfolio more liquid.

  • Higher Yields & steady Cash-flows
  • No maintenance Hassle
  • Property Value Increase
  • Multiple Properties Served at Once
  • In-house Product Design Team (interior design and furnishing team) creating beautifully furnished properties.
Caring for you

We understand and reach our clients' demands.

Cost Efficient

We find the best suitable accommodation within our client’s budget

Smart time management

Time is Money. Thus, let us do the hard work and reach our mission in a fast and efficient manner.

Ideal Location

We understand analytically what areas work based on your evolving and demanding needs.

Making Stories about people and places and bring meaning to life

We design, develop, and operate properties on behalf of residential property owners and real estate partners. From acquisitions to design to the daily operations, we have invested in being the best at everything we do to give our real estate partners peace of mind about the operations of your asset and the highest risk-adjusted returns possible. Phaedrus Living is led by a team of passionate real estate, hospitality and technology executives. We use our expertise to develop proprietary technology solutions that enable us to deliver the highest possible return to our projects.